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Presidential Election Impact On Health Insurance Coverage

Politics is something best left out of most conversations, but it seems to be more popular than sports or entertainment these days. The future of the country will be greatly impacted by the results of the 2020 presidential election. Power in other levels of government is also up for potential change and healthcare and insurance are at the front of the conversation in large part due to the coronavirus pandemic outbreak. There’s no denying that the outcome of the election will have a major impact on your coverage including costs. Here are some things you can expect regardless of who wins: 

Telehealth More Accessible 

Covid has certainly made changes to the way we handle normal tasks. Some changes will be here beyond the virus. Telehealth is a popular and welcomed option for people who frequently see therapists or medical professionals, cuts down on wait time and costs, gives people a chance to get more opinions and more. 

More Freedom With Prescription Drugs 

Online healthcare platforms are making it easier to find preferred medications at a cheaper price by comparing local pharmacies and ones that can ship purchases to patients. 

More Access To Affordable Healthcare Options And Professionals 

Along with being able to comparison shop your medications, patients can view availability and costs for things like testing, consultations and so forth. 

Coronavirus Impact Will Be Felt 

Covid will be here in 2021 regardless of who the president is. Regardless of who is elected, we now know that taking measures like wearing a mask and social distancing can drastically reduce our odds of capturing the virus.  Coronavirus will impact our health insurance as much as the presidential race. Working with experts including those who can go over different coverage options with you can help you navigate many healthcare hurtles next year so that you can focus on staying safe and healthy as we hopefully get back to normal with a more positive outlook.

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