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7 Things You Did Not Know Were Covered By Medicare

For many, the confusion of enrolling into Medicare has to do with the supplemental plans and different options that are available. Getting additional coverage for things like dental care or prescription drugs are standard, but what else is covered? For this, it’s highly recommended that you work with an experienced Medicare advisor. These men and women are licensed and trained in what is required to find the best possible coverage for each person, whether it needs to favor coverage or cost or stay in the middle, your advisor will help you navigate your way through this process and make everything as simple as possible.

While the supplemental plans are always in high demand, many wonder what their regular coverage actually covers? It’s a good question and it’s one often overlooked because people are prepared to add the additional plans because of the quality of coverage and care they offer. However, if you are not sure what is covered by your basic options, it’s worth taking a look.

Providers Make A Difference

All providers must offer the same exact types of coverage with their Medicare plans. Some can add different perks or things that give them an advantage during enrollment, but in reality the playing field is very level, even in most cases with prices not exceeding more than a 25% difference. So, why is an advisor needed in this case? Think about the difference of 25% in cost for a plan that costs you hundreds of dollars a month?

Consider as well, how valuable it is to not only save more money, but to also get the max coverage and benefits for the money you are paying? If that’s important to you then you need to consider working with an independent advisor. Yes, every provider keeps the playing field rather even, but the fact is that your advisor can customize the strategy based on your budget and healthcare needs.

What Else Is Covered In Medicare?

Aside from the obvious things like doctor and hospital visits, emergency care and much more, there are several other benefits that come with Medicare that are not as well known. Throughout these options, you may wonder about coverage for things beyond these benefits. That’s where the supplemental plans come in and fill the gaps of coverage. For now, here’s what you can expect before you add additional options:

  1. Weight loss programs: One of the most underrated offers and benefits of the Medicare package is a long list of programs and cost assistance for people who want to get healthier, especially if it involves losing weight. In some cases, it may need to be something your doctor requests, but these options are available.
  2. Free annual wellness exam: Each year, you are eligible for a 100% free exam that includes review of your medical history, health checks like blood pressure, your weight, and an assessment of your overall health and areas that need attention.
  3. Multiple preventative services: Does diabetes run in your family? What about addiction? There are programs and assisted pay options that will help you with preventative care including for specific diseases as well as your overall health.
  4. Care for transitioning to new location: One of the toughest things on seniors who need to care is their transitioning to and from their home and facilities. There are programs in place to help cover the cost of these transitions as well as making sure that the patient is also getting adjusted to their new location.
  5. Some in-home care: There will be some help covering costs for in-home care. Each program is different but in some cases a large percentage of the cost could be covered that will make in-home care much more affordable. This can also be a big benefit if someone is returning home and needs care for a short-period of time.
  6. Part of your physical therapy: For seniors, staying active is the key. Walking and other safe exercises are always recommended to ensure that you stay mobile and keep your body in the best possible shape. Sometimes, physical therapy is needed to help improve mobility and minimize long-term damage to the body. In cases like these, Medicare users can expect help with the costs.
  7. Some medical products: There are a variety of short and long-term medical products that may be needed throughout the years. Some, especially depending on their long-term needs, may be available for free or at a low cost to you if it is approved by your insurance. You will have to work with your advisor and your insurance provider to determine if you are able to cut the costs and by how much per product but there usually are options if it requires long-term products.

You can expect even more options and benefits if you sign up for supplemental plans. However, it’s important to know all your options and especially what is covered and under what circumstances. Knowledge of this can also help protect you against potential scams. Some companies will claim that something is 100% covered by Medicare only to turn out that it is not or they just wanted your information. If you know what your benefits are, you do not have to worry if someone is giving you reliable information or not.

Throughout the years, Medicare has proven to be a reliable and helpful way for seniors to drastically reduce their healthcare costs. Over the last several years, the coverage options have changed and now offer far more than before. However, while this is a great benefit to current users, it is only a benefit if you are aware of these options and are utilizing them if and when needed.

Communication with you advisor is important because he or she can tell you if your Medicare plan includes things like a grocery allowance, dental coverage for braces, laser eye surger, discounts on improvements you want to make on your home and so much more. Learn your options so that you know what to utilize best. If you are unsure, then utilize the help of your advisor. They will work with you to get you the best coverage possible.

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