2021 Coronavirus Expectations

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2021 Coronavirus Expectations

2020 has been nothing short of a marathon. The year has been tough for everyone with different levels of difficulty and hardship for everyone. Covid shut down the world, a feat governments have been unable to do. 2021 brings with it hope of a better and brighter future. Unfortunately, we need be realistic about the New Year, especially when the conversation is about coronavirus. That’s not to say there’s no hope, but expectations need to match reality and we need to have the right mindset going into next year. 

Covid Will Still Be Here 

January 1st will not be a day free of coronavirus. It will still be here and we need to understand that as we begin to plan for the new year. If this impacts your personal or professional life, you need to work on a game plan. 

Vaccine For Those Highest At Risk From Virus 

There will be new medications and a possible vaccine as we roll into the new year. When and how it will be available are still questions and they will first be offered to those who are at the highest risk of having major health issues if they contract the virus. 

Somewhat Back To Normal 

While Covid will still be in our lives, we will start to get back to normal. Theme parks, sporting events and other gatherings have been held with minimal new cases developing as long as healthcare guidelines are meant including masks and social distancing. 


As sad as it sounds, it looks like 2022 will be the year we actually get closer to a “normal” we remember. Even if a vaccine, availability and effectiveness will not be known until months after the vaccine is provided. 

While there have been few reasons to celebrate this year, the good news is that we can still make improvements and grow as we move forward into the new year. Precautions are working and saving millions of people from potential contact with the virus. Following these safety recommendations will make a major difference. 

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