Covid Facts Seniors Need To Know Now

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Covid Facts Seniors Need To Know Now

Covid-19 or the coronavirus will certainly dominate the conversation and history books when we look back at 2020. However, history is not yet written and 2020 is still on the to-do list for all of us, especially seniors. Senior citizens, people over the age of 65 and those with pre-existing conditions, are the ones who are most at risk for complicated issues from the virus. To be clear, the virus is dangerous for everyone and something everyone needs to be aware of and cautious of. For those who are more at risk, there are some things you need to be more aware of and precautions you can take that may help you during this time.


Whether you clean once a day, week or month, your routine will have to change a bit now because of Covid. This doesn’t mean you have to disinfect the entire house once you come home but things like showering, changing clothes, washing your hands and disinfecting things like door knobs and faucet handles are a big help and smart strategy. Keeping some spray or wipes near the door can make the task less tedious.

Online Shopping

Grocery stores and other retail businesses have adapted to the new norm and make sure that you can access their inventory remotely with people selecting products for you, bagging them and even bringing them out to your car so that you can limit your time inside and around people. It’s a great service and one you should look into if you are not a fan of going into stores right now.

Digital Assistance

Everything from medical help, taxes, health insurance and voting now come with digital assistance and guidance to limit your need for making contact with people. If you need assistance with any of these areas you can find it, in most cases by talking to your current agents and providers or by looking online. Make sure that when you are searching online that you are only working with credible, proven sites and organizations. Do not randomly give your personal information and financial information to businesses and people you’ve never heard of.

These changes due to Covid have made it easier for people to get the things they need and still be safe. We now know more about the virus and how to have a more routine way of life during the pandemic but it’s important to still take precautions and stay within your comfort zone. If you are not sure if something is safe, don’t push it because it’s not worth the risk.

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