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9 Questions To Ask When Signing Up For Medicare

Signing up for anything the first time can be nerve-wracking. It doesn’t matter if it’s over the phone, online, in person or in any other capacity. We are not sure what to expect, how long it will take, what our options are and what we should do. How do we know the person giving us the information is reliable? How do we know that this is the best plan we can sign up for? How can we be sure that it’s a good idea to sign up now and not wait? Will this cover everything you need for next year?

There are so many questions to ask but we often forget to ask the most important ones. Who is going to help me enroll in Medicare. The answer to this is actually simple, you need a licensed and experienced advisor, someone who is trained in assisting people with finding the best coverage for them. These advisors know the ins and outs of your coverage and can help answer any questions you have which leads to the next one, is the coverage any good?

What Is It Like To Enroll In Medicare?

There’s this strange idea that with great coverage, everything has to change. That’s not the case and in fact, the coverage isn’t about the care you get. Instead, if focuses on making sure that you are getting the best care at the lowest possible price. Does this mean changing your doctor or the pharmacy you use? Not necessarily, but you will have the ability to make changes if you want. Before we dive into that, focus on what you need to know as you get started with your new coverage.

  1. Do I need an advisor? Technically and honestly, no you do not need an advisor. While their services are at no cost to you, they are not the gatekeepers to getting coverage. If you wish to do this on your own or work with people you are more familiar with, then you have that option. However, you would be ignoring the free guidance of someone with real experience and who has helped hundreds, if not thousands of people enroll in Medicare as well.
  2. Do I have to work with one provider? No, one of the things that people misunderstand when they hunt for coverage on their own is that they do not have to work with the same provider. Each provider offers the supplements and plans you are looking for. However, in order to check what which one will offer, you can expect to call each one or research them individually online. Be cautious about giving your information out to several websites and do not expect the individual providers to give you updates and guidance.
  3. What about discounts and additional services? There are several programs out there that offer services and products to Medicare users at a major discount. Are those programs legit? This is where you do need the guidance of an advisor, especially early on. The fact is that there are people and businesses that will contact you, offering legit options to you. Learning how to tell the scams from the quality ones is challenging but something you will learn how to do on each platform.
  4. How much will Medicare cost me? The truth is that your coverage will have a pricetag based on a variety of things. It also is based on how much coverage you need and for what. Do you need coverage for prescription drugs or dental care? If so, your plan may be more expensive than someone elses.
  5. What areas of healthcare are not covered? A very important and smart question to ask about any type of health insurance is to ask what is not covered. You cannot ignore this and the fact is that most people who are shocked about areas where they have poor coverage are shocked because they did not ask this question. Know what you have to pay for because it will also tell you what you will not have to pay for.
  6. Should I cancel other health insurance coverage? This is where an advisor can offer you the best advice and guidance. However, in most cases you may not have to cancel your existing coverage, especially if it’s being offered by an employer. You can have multiple plans and options covering you and in some cases, this is a great way to cut down your annual costs even more.
  7. Does where I live play a role in costs? One question people have when they see hire costs is if it has anything to do with where they live. Unfortunately, yes, your costs for healthcare are influenced on where you live. This is something else you may want to take into consideration as not only will the insurance costs be higher, but also the costs of the goods or services you need, without insurance.
  8. Do all my doctors take this plan? More than likely, your doctor and pharmacy are going to take your new coverage. Most places that deal in medical health of any kind accept Medicare because it is one of the most universally approved and reliable forms of coverage. This may not mean that you have to change your doctor but if you are not happy with the service, you will have a much wider selection to choose from now than on previous plans.
  9. Is open enrollment the only time I have to make changes? No, there are windows and periods throughout the year where you can make some changes to what you currently are enrolled in. However, each window may offer limited areas where you can make changes so you have to keep that in mind.

Your first experience enrolling in Medicare should focus on affordability, expansion of services, making sure all your needs are covered and also looking into ways to expand your benefits. Maybe your enrollment will give you access to better care than you are used to? That’s why you need to research your options and learn what ways you may have to limit yourself and in what ways you can make significant upgrades.

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