Do Medicare plans pay for hearing aids as well?

Will Medicare pay for hearing aids, has left many people wondering about the options they have left. As per government regulations, Medicare Part A and B do not cover hearing aids for people having a hearing disability or the elderly. Although it is a vital device for people suffering from hearing loss, it has not been included in the Medicare plans as of 2020. However, the government is still reviewing this requirement and may come up with a solution in the near future.

Although Medicare Part B does not cover hearing aids, it does cover hearing exams that is recommended by the doctor diagnosing the problem. The individual is still required to pay at least 20% of the cost of the examination. Medicare Part B also covers BAHA (bone-anchoring Hearing aids) that are classified as prosthetics and not a hearing aid per se.

Some parts of Medicare Part C cover hearing aids and its associated costs that include maintenance. However, it is best to reconfirm the same from your service provider before selecting the same. While the need for hearing aids has gone up in the recent years, its inclusion in plans is still being considered.

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