A quick look at the drugs covered by Medicare Plan D or Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage.

We are sure, the big question ‘what drugs are covered by Medicare Plan D’, may leave many wondering about the type of generic and brand-name prescription drugs that fall under this umbrella. Medicare Plan D, like most drug plans, have a specific list of drugs that are included, called the formulary. The formulary usually has 2 drugs that fall in the most commonly prescribed groups. This ensures that individuals with different medical conditions get accessibility to all the prescription drugs they need.

Although plans have the leeway of choosing the types of drugs that fall under each category, however, they must include at least 2 drugs per drug group. It is also possible that the formulary may not have the same drug that has been prescribed to you, but they usually have a similar drug with the same composition, available. Another important point to be noted is, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can remove any drug from a category if they consider them unsafe to consume. This will result in a change in the drugs available under Medicare Plan D as well. All individuals will be informed about the change much in advance.

It is not essential for drug plans to cover certain drugs such as over-the-counter drugs, weight loss and weight gain medication, erectile dysfunction, etc. but a few plans may cover them. Plans are required to cover drugs that fall under the said categories- antidepressants, antipsychotics, anticonvulsants, cancer drugs, immunosuppressants, HIV/AIDS drugs.

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