Is there a difference between TRICARE and Medicare plans?

TRICARE and Medicare: Are they the same or different?

TRICARE is a health insurance program sponsored by the government specifically designed to cater to active uniform service members, their families and the members of the National Guard and Reserves. While Medicare is a government health insurance program for the elderly and young people with certain disabilities and illnesses.

Coverages provided by TRICARE and Medicare

In almost all cases, if a person is eligible for premium-free Medicare part A, they must enroll in Medicare part B to keep their TRICARE benefits. When a person enrolls with Part A and B, they automatically become eligible for the benefits of TRICARE for Life, post qualification.

While still on active duty, service personnel can delay their part B enrolment and still keep their TRICARE plans. However, as soon as active duty comes to an end, it is advisable to enroll in Medicare Part B to continue your TRICARE eligibility. While Medicare is the primary payer, TRICARE pays after Medicare for the services covered. Payment is made directly to the provider to help individuals handle their out-of-pocket expenses. Another big difference is that TRICARE can be availed while an individual is overseas. Medicare covers for a few services in a foreign country under very special circumstances.

While looking for a wholesome coverage, we advise individuals to speak with our representatives to understand the difference and benefits of TRICARE and Medicare before opting for the latter. For more details, connect with today!