What do you mean by Qualified Medicare Beneficiary?

A Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) is an individual for whom the government must cover certain healthcare costs, including healthcare premiums, copays and deductibles. One of the main benefits of a QMB program is that a monthly premium is paid towards recipients Medicare Part A (if and when applicable), Medicare Part B plans, co-insurance payments and assistance for prescription drugs that fall under Medicare Part D plan.

An individual looking at qualifying for a QMB program must have Medicare Part A and meet the asset and income criteria. If a person meets the criteria but is not enrolled in Medicare Part A, the said state is at liberty to allow enrolment in both Medicare Part A and QMB programs. Each state has its guidelines and hence it is best to consult with the right experts in this field.

A huge benefit of being enrolled under the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary program is that the state has to bear all the expenses irrespective is the services are a Medicaid covered service. There are a ton of fine details that individuals looking for QMB benefits must understand before proceeding with their treatment. Some may end up paying for the expenses, not knowing they are not responsible to pay, but it is the job of the state.

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