What is the importance of a medicare summary notice?

A medicare summary notice is a detailed summary of your medicare part A and part B utilization per quarter. It serves the purpose of helping you understand the claims that have been processed for Medicare available / opted by you, but does not serve as a bill. It is processed by the contractor who processes your medicare claims.

Medicare is billed every quarter i.e. sent to you every four months and contains vital information pertaining to your medicare expenses.

The importance of medicare summary notice –

  • It states the type of medicare you have opted.
  • It also includes the medical supplies that have you have received during a quarter.
  • The amount that was paid by Medicare and the amount that is payable by you.
  • It is sent only if certain health care services have been utilized by you during a quarter.
  • If you have not incurred any expense or used any medicare services, you will not receive the summary notice.
  • Additional MSNs can be sent if you have received any reimbursement for a bill that you have paid.
  • It shows the ‘amount charged’ by Medicare for the services i.e. the amount that they billed you for.

It is important to maintain at least a yearly log of the MSNs to track your reimbursements, payments and services that have been utilized. It will help you assess and compare your MSN against the services and supplies listed.

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