Manage your insurance better with Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery Portal today

Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery Portal gives insurers, attorneys, TPAs and beneficiaries the accessibility to update crucial insurance related information to be updated online from anywhere. Slowly every written and telephonic communication will soon be able to be done via the portal.

The main advantage of medicare secondary payer recovery portal is –

  • Beneficiaries can generate an electronic Conditional Payment Letter (CPL) to print and save.
  • Can update certain case specific information online easily.
  • Ease of document submission such as proof of representation, insurer letter of authority, beneficiary consent to release form, etc.
  • If individuals agree with the CPL amount, the demand letter can be initiated earlier than the 30-day time period.
  • View correspondence status.
  • Ease submission of case settlement information.
  • Make electronic payment easily via PayPal, Debit or Credit card.
  • View dispute claims that are included in the conditional payment amount.

Beneficiaries need to login to MyMedicare.Gov website to access the Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery Portal and access all claim and settlement related information easily. For more information regarding MSPRP, get in touch with experts today! Your safety is our first priority.