How can I apply for a medicare replacement card in case of an emergency?

Replacing a medicare card is not very difficult to do. Circumstances that would beckon you to replace your Medicare card can include- damage, stolen card, lost card or a faded card. You can replace a card by getting in touch with 1-800-MEDICARE and get a new card issued within 30 days.

Why should you replace a Medicare card?

  • Medicare cards, red, blue and white, are very important as they assure you of getting medical assistance anytime, anywhere.
  • Your medicare card shows that you have Medicare health insurance and also helps to understand whether you have a Part A, Part B, or both. It also displays the validity of your card.
  • Your medicare card is unique to you and helps to protect your identity.
  • Having a valid medicare card number can help your health service provider get immediate access to the type of plan you are eligible for and can even be accessed online by simply entering the number. Even if you forget to carry it physically, you are assured of reaping the benefits from anywhere.

A Medicare card is your most important document, just like your Social Security Number. By getting your medicare card replaced in case of an exigency will help you in the long run and avoid unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses. To know more about this facility, speak with our experts on today!