Learn everything about Medicare psychiatrist and its coverage

Medicare psychiatrist is a person who specializes in helping you overcome several mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, or panic attacks, amongst others. Any of these issues can eventually lead to a cognitive decline, resulting in a catastrophic downfall. Medicare Part B mental health care takes care of a particular section of these issues to better help individuals deal with these situations and ease their financial burden. 

Medicare Part B also provides medical insurance to help cover several mental health treatment options with different health providers. It includes- 

  • Clinical psychologists
  • Physicians or other psychiatrists
  • Nurse specialists 
  • Clinical social workers 

Your primary care physician may carry out the first-level evaluation and refer you to a Medicare psychiatrist (a person who accepts Medicare) or an outpatient mental health treatment center. Medicare part B covers mental health services that include an annual depression screening. They may further refer you for an evaluation that provides psychiatric assessment, group psychotherapy, or individual psychotherapy in case of any symptoms. 

Please note that these services must be carried out at a Medicare-approved center and carried out by physicians who participate and approve of the Medicare-approved amount for services. It is always best to understand different aspects of psychiatry covered by Medicare before proceeding further. 

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