Is Medicare Plan N better than other Medigap plans?

Medicare Plan N, a Medigap plan, covers only those that are covered by the Original Medicare plan under Part A and Part B. Hence it does not cover those expenses related to long term care, vision, dental, hearing aids, eyeglasses, and private duty nursing.

Medicare Plan N usually covers the following:

  • Hospitalization Expenses (Part A) – copays and deductibles and hospital stay for one year
  • Medical Expenses (Part B) – copays for outpatient care and coinsurance at health care providers offices
  • Blood transfusion – first 3 pints annually
  • Hospice care – Part A coinsurance and coinsurance for skilled nursing staff facility
  • 80% costs of healthcare costs while traveling abroad

However, Medicare Plan N does not cover deductibles for Part B as a newly enacted law prevents this.

Medicare Plan N is similar to Plan F and G but is less expensive and overall a cost-effective solution.

Please note that Plan N does not cover prescription drugs, necessitating a separate Part D plan. Plan N provides more coverage than Plan K and Plan L and has a lower premium than Plan A to Plan G.  Besides, Plan N costs less than Plan F. Therefore, in the tradeoff between cost and benefits, Plan N outweighs cost with much better services.

For a more nuanced understanding of how Medicare Plan N works and what good it can do to you, please contact for a broader perspective about Medigap plans.