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You pay Medicare Plan D Premiums when you enroll for a stand-alone Medicare Part D ‘prescription drug plan’ (PDP) or a Medicare Advantage Plan that offers Prescription Drug Coverage (MAPD). In both cases, the advantage is allowing beneficiaries to take care of their out-of-pocket expenses that may result from a higher cost of treatment or prescription drugs.

In general, Medicare Part D prescription drug plans provide insurance coverage to your prescription drugs. Like other insurance plans, you will pay a premium on your Part D or Medicare Advantage Plan. The difference in coverage depends on the type of Medicare you have chosen. It will also change the deductibles, drug coverage (plans do not cover the same drugs), cost-sharing, i.e., what you pay for the drugs and premiums.

The best way to evaluate the differences is to speak with a health insurance expert or a counselor who can guide you to choose the right coverage. You can check your eligibility and the Medicare Advantage Plans your county offers by entering your zip code and checking all the details therein. You can click on the plan name and check coverage details for the plan, the formulary or drug list, and the required contact information.

However, if understanding the coverage details is getting too overwhelming, you may want to consult with experts at www.askhpm.com to know your Medicare Plan D premiums. It will only help you understand your options better and help you make an informed decision. Get on a call with us today!