What is the Medicare Learning Network?

Medicare Learning Network is a repository and guide on Medicare policies and benefits. It includes web training courses, bulletin, information sheet, leaflets, among other data. It also makes available material on rules, regulations, and laws. It is available both in online and searchable versions that help save material for later orientation.

Medicare Learning Network is the official brand name for the Center for Medical and Medicaid Services (CMS), which provides education products for the Medicare service providers.

It is a challenge to find the right material with the correct information at the right time to implement it with confidence. It could be an enormous task to see which educational material to refer to with certainty on its accuracy.

Constant changes and regular updates make it nearly impossible to be aware of everything in medicare policies and benefits. Medicare Learning Network resolves this specific problem by bringing you various  training and education materials, kept updated regularly, bringing information to your fingertips in a searchable and downloadable information database.

The learning aspects of the Medicare Learning Network are that the doctors and healthcare professionals can find accurate resources that train them to comprehend and implement billing, coding, claim to file, and reimbursement procedures on Medicare coverage. You can download this information for reference. As part of the training resources, Medicare Learning Network provides a series of videos to assist providers.

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