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Medicare Insurance Rates

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Medicare Insurance Rates
Before you look at Medicare insurance rates you want to take some time to look at the coverage they offer. One of the most common mistakes made when people are looking for new policies is that they look at price first. That’s common when we are shopping for anything but it shouldn’t be the main factor when it comes to your health coverage. Here is the order of how you should review policies to find the best one for you:

  1. My current needs: Are you relatively healthy? How many medications are you on? How many times a year do you visit the doctor? Do you see a specialist on a regular basis? These are good questions to ask before you start looking at coverage options.
  2. What does the plan cover: Some Medicare plans will not cover everything you need so you need to look into combining them with other options. This will increase your coverage and provide you with exactly what you need throughout the year.
  3. Price: Obviously, price will play a role in what you get. However, keep in mind that cheaper policies tend to cost people more over the year as they have to pay more out of pocket for doctor’s visits, medications and procedures. Low monthly premiums doesn’t necessarily mean saving money over the entire year.

It’s hard to ignore price when you are looking for Medicare insurance rates. However, it’s not the main variable to factor in when choosing a policy or policies. At Health Plan Markets of Orlando, our dedicated and experienced agents will help you find the right plan for you and we base that on your medical history, needs as well as budget. Our clients appreciate the fact that we help them find the right plan based on their needs and we will do the same for you.
If you are looking for the cheapest Medicare insurance rates you are already putting yourself at a disadvantage. The average senior spends thousands of dollars a year in healthcare when you include medications, doctors and clinic visits, procedures, products, exams and more. Getting the cheapest rates is not always the best way to go. In most cases, spending a little more can save you thousands of dollars throughout the year. Our agents will help you find the right Medicare insurance plan for you. We work with multiple providers and will find you the right coverage based on your current health needs as well as your budget. Don’t go for the cheapest; get a great plan at an affordable rate. Contact us today to learn how.