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Medicare Insurance Premiums

Medicare Insurance Premiums 2017-04-20T05:29:25+00:00

Medicare Insurance Premiums
There is more to a Medicare insurance premium than just the price. There are so many things you have to take into account as you are looking through your options and trying to find the best policy for you. Price is always the first thing we look at but we sometimes forget that the cheapest Medicare insurance premiums end up costing us more money by the end of the year. Higher co-pays, higher deductibles and other factors can add up more than what we would have saved had we simply gone with a better plan. Here is how we encourage our clients to pick the best policy for them:

  1. Your needs: How many medications are you on and how expensive are they? Do you go to the doctors frequently? Are you seeing a specialist as well? Do you have any preexisting conditions which will or could increase the cost of your healthcare down the road? What are your needs from healthcare?
  2. Coverage: Once you figure out your needs you can then begin to look at coverage options. For example, should you combine one plan with another or even a part? That’s how you know you are getting a good policy when you base it on what you need.
  3. Price: There’s no denying that price is going to play a role in what you are doing. However, it cannot be the deciding factor in your decision. Find the best coverage for you and then start looking at price.

Health Plan Markets has assisted hundreds of seniors in Orlando to find the best Medicare insurance premium based on price as well as quality. Our goal is to show you the plan that will provide you the insurance you need, not just the one you can afford. Give us a call to learn more.
The best Medicare insurance premium may still not be the cheapest. Just as with anything else, the cheapest option isn’t necessarily the best one. It’s understandable that price is going to be a factor, you have a budget you need to work with and you cannot overspend. However, when you look at the facts you may be interested in paying a little more towards the premium. Depending on your healthcare needs, you could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year in coverage if you have a higher Medicare premium. The reason is because you get more coverage and you are saving more money every time you go to the doctor, have an exam, get medication or need something else. Speak with an agent today to find the best option for you.