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What are the advantages of using a Health Insurance Marketplace?

The marketplace in each state will help consumers find insurance coverage that fits their needs by:

  • Offering personalized help. The marketplaces can help consumers compare and choose a health plan and answer questions through a website, a call center and community groups or individuals specifically designated as “navigators” to help consumers. Insurance agents and brokers can also help consumers and small employers find coverage options through the marketplaces.
  • Ensuring quality. The marketplaces will ensure that all health insurance plans that are offered meet basic standards, including quality standards, consumer protections, and access to a wide range of doctors and clinicians. Also, plans can’t deny consumers coverage, limit their benefits or charge higher premiums simply because of any pre-existing or chronic conditions, like cancer or diabetes.
  • Increasing transparency. The marketplaces will post clear and detailed information about health plan prices, benefits, and quality so that consumers can make meaningful comparisons between plans.