Every plan needs to be understood before investing. ‘Does Medicare cover mental health’ needs addressing before proceeding with any treatment or procedure. To know more, please connect with AskHPM experts today!

Medicare covers mental health services based on the requirement, type of condition, etc. Increasing stress levels have given rise to tremendous mental health issues that need to be addressed quickly to avoid a backlash later. While managing risks of mental conditions like depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety and panic, and hopelessness, it is essential to understand the plans that can help tackle the cost of treatment.

Medicare covers many benefits of taking care of mental well-being, including preventive screenings, psychological counseling, and outpatient treatment programs. Medicare Part B covers many preventive services that can help you deal with your condition better. It includes-

  • Alcohol misuse screening
  • Yearly depression screening
  • ‘Welcome to Medicare’ test
  • Wellness visits

While being enrolled under Medicare Part B, patients can also benefit from utilizing outpatient services provided at a therapists’ office or a clinic. It includes-

  • Group therapy
  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • Individual therapy
  • Family counseling, if needed

Certain treatments may require intense procedures and increased costs. It is always better to speak with a healthcare expert to analyze various aspects for you. If Medicare Advantage Plans or Original Medicare covers you, you are covered for outpatient and inpatient mental health services. It includes therapy appointments, intensive outpatient care, hospital stays, annual depression screening, and much more. To know more about Medicare’smental health coverage, please connect with www.askhpm.com or call on our hotline (844) 696-3975 today!