Does medicare cover flu shots for the elderly?

Medicare covers flu shots giving you an immediate benefit if you have enrolled in Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage Plans. You are eligible for a flu shot every year, and it is free.

However, Medicare Part A (treatment under hospitalization) does not cover flu shots. Medicare Part B offers 100% cover to flu shots once a year during fall or winter months. Medicare Part C, also known as a Medicare Advantage plan, offers flu shots for free.

In case your enrollment is in MAP, you do not have a reason for concern as Medicare covers flu shots. Your flu shot continues to remain free of cost if you approach an in-network doctor. The doctor you have approached for the flu shot has to accept the medicare assignment; else, you may have to bear the doctor’s fees while the flu shot itself remains free. In some cases, you may have to copay or coinsurance while incurring professional medical charges.

So when you are using a doctor or a pharmacist for the first time, call them and verify if they accept medicare assignments. Getting the seasonal flu vaccine is the best way to diminish the risk of catching the flu. Getting one flu shot is necessary, but a second flu shot is only when medically necessary.

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