Does Medicare cover dentures for senior citizens or the elderly?

Most seniors concerned about does medicare cover dentures anticipate some degree of coverage to defray their costs. Medicare Part A covers in-patient treatment of tooth extraction in a hospital, But dentures, which are the result of the surgery, are not covered. As for Medicare Part B, it covers doctor’s appointments, preventive care before surgery, but it does not provide for dentures. 

The question does Medicare covers dentures is taken care of by Medicare Advantage Plans or Medicare Part C provided by private insurance providers. It covers everything and more. Despite this, insurance companies may not pay 100% of the bill but may reduce the out-of-pocket expenses. It may cover prosthetic fittings such as full or partial dentures.

Based on your necessity, dentures may be covered as part of the plan, either partially or entirely, depending upon the costs. Do note that not all Medicare Part C covers dental care.

However, most Medicare Advantage Plans have a coverage limit.

The other alternative is to avail of standalone dental insurance policies that cover preventive care, diagnostic care, and surgical care. For a monthly premium, you may get the benefits of coverage like Medicare advantage or more.

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