Does Medicare cover colonoscopy mandatorily?

Does medicare cover colonoscopy if the doctor extracts polyp or other tissue samples during colonoscopy? In that case, the plan will ask you to bear up to 20% of the cost of doctor’s fees or if your coinsurance will pay in a hospital setting. 

Medicare Part A covers colonoscopy when gastrointestinal bleeding necessitates hospitalization. Medicare Part A covers this, but you pay for your expenses through copay or by deductibles.

Medicare Part B covers medical services and preventive care. Although there are deductibles, Medicare does not require to meet deductibles before it bears the insurance for screening colonoscopy.

Medicare Part C covers the screening of colonoscopies as mandated by the Affordable Care Act. It answers the questions does Medicare cover colonoscopy. Having a Medicare Advantage plan helps you consider having both the doctor and the anesthetist from with the network, as medicare advantage plans require approaching identified providers for screening colonoscopy.

Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap) mostly bridge the costs incurred under Medicare Part A and Part B. Since colonoscopy is screened free of charge, the medicare supplement plan comes into the picture only when the doctor has removed polyp for further examination. The costs get borne through copayment and deductibles as payment options. 

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