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The Zika Virus and Health Care in Orlando

The Zika virus is spread through mosquito bites. Since it is difficult to escape mosquito bites, the Zika Virus is of great concern, especially for women who are pregnant.
The virus may cause birth defects in babies who are born to women who are infected with the virus. While infection was most likely in other countries

Orlando Medicare Plan Agency

When it comes to figuring out your Medicare strategy there are a lot of questions that will come up. Unfortunately the entire process moves so quickly that gathering the right information can be a challenge. Technology has made things move even faster and you are worried about making a wrong decision. The good news is

Medicare Needs To Be Made A Bigger Topic During Presidential Election

As we watch the top Presidential Candidates; Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump essentially bark at each other each night on television we realize how many issues there are that need immediate attention. Terrorism, discrimination, employment, education, corruption and so much more are all at the top of the list this year as we head to