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11 Ways Seniors Can Save On Prescription Drugs

Are you trying to save money on prescription drugs? Even with Medicare and other coverage, the cost of medications continue to go up. Prescription drugs cost more than ever but there are things you can do to cut the costs and still get what you need. In some cases, you simply do not have a

7 Local Tips For Surviving Florida Summer

There really is nothing like summer time in Florida. You have beautiful water, fun things to do like theme parks, beaches, fishing and so much more. Tourists flock down here by the thousands to take advantage of these tropical areas and they want to enjoy it as much as possible. Even locals take advantage of

Creative Ways To Cut Healthcare Costs

It’s no secret that healthcare costs continue to go up. Doctor’s visits, prescription drugs and medical facilities and testing are getting more expensive each year. It can be frustrating to try and keep up with these costs, especially if you have an ailment that requires regular attention. However, that doesn’t mean that there is nothing

10 Questions To Ask Your Medicare & Health Insurance Agent

Like most people in the United States, you are concerned over the direction healthcare is going. Regardless of your opinion on the subject, almost everyone can agree that things are getting a bit confusing. Do you have coverage or not? What do you have to pay if you go to the doctor? When do you