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8 New Year’s Resolutions We Should All Have

New Year’s is a time of new beginnings, a chance to make changes in our lives for the better. Until February that is. That’s the month where most people abandon their resolutions and give up. The problem is that while it is a new year, it is not a new you. You have to strategize your new game plan based on who you are and go from there. Here are 8 resolutions everyone should have and how to stick to them:

  1. Cut down on the bad stuff: If you drink, eat candy, drink soda or have a bag of chips every day, don’t focus on quitting everything cold-turkey. The best thing to do is focus on cutting it back by 40-50%. This will be a big improvement, but you are not missing these foods and drinks as much because you are still enjoying them.
  2. Add more good stuff: Now that you are removing some of the bad stuff, make sure that you are replacing it with something that is good. You cannot just cut out your 3 pm bag of chips without replacing it with a healthy snack.
  3. Give yourself a break: It’s ok that you aren’t hitting all your goals in the first month. You are looking for progress. If you want to lose 20 pounds this year, you should set the goal of losing 2-3 pounds by the end of the month.
  4. Take 30 minutes to exercise: 30 minutes of walking can do wonders for you if you are trying to lose weight or find new ways to feel energetic and relaxed. You can find time for this either before work, at lunch or even after work or before dinner. This is great because it’s easy on your body but it also gets you out and active.
  5. Read: A great way to give your mind a break and get away from stress is to read. Television sometimes can help build stress with all the commercials as well as the drama that comes with sports or popular movies and shows. Reading cause the brain to focus on one thing which is what we all could use these days with so many distractions.
  6. Do more fun stuff: Get out of the house and have some fun. Stop using your weekends to clean the house and run errands. Try doing that at night, after work. Use your weekends to go to the movies, see friends, go to the beach or the park. You do not have to do anything expensive in order to have fun on the weekends. If you are working on a tight budget there are plenty of opportunities to make your weekends more enjoyable and still stay within your budget.
  7. Take some vitamins: Are you getting enough vitamins in your diet? Most people would have to say no which is ok. You can take supplements and get everything you need to ensure that you are able to fight off colds and other ailments. These are affordable and can help you to also have more energy.
  8. Start saving: A goal we should all set for the New Year is to make sure that we start saving. Even if it’s $5 a week, it will add up and that money can be used later on for a fun trip, to make a car payment or to do something else. Only save what you can comfortable put into a savings account each week without feeling a need to take out of it. Remember, $5 a week adds up to $260 for the year. So that’s worth your time to start saving up because that’s extra money you can have at the end of the year that you usually would not.

The lesson we should learn for the New Year is moderation and consistency. The more consistent you are with these small changes, the better the results will be at the end of the year. It may take time, but you can end 2019 with $250 extra in your account, 20 pounds lighter and having enjoyed yourself a lot more and you didn’t even notice any real changes made to your routine. That’s something everyone can get on board with and use to see real improvements in their lives.