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The Battle Of Eating Healthy During The Holiday Season

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. It’s a magical time but it’s also a time when food and treats are practically handed to you. It can feel like an impossible battle to eat healthy and that’s where we tend to give up, before it even begins. The problem with eating healthy for most people during this season is that they see it as all or nothing. If they do not eat healthy all the time, then there’s no point in only eating some of the time.

The best way to fight the urge to dive into bowls of candy or left-over goodies in your fridge is to make a deal with yourself. For example, on Halloween you are going to have some candy. It’s ok and your goal should be to try and avoid it, your goal should be to eat healthy the entire day and minimize the candy that you do eat.

For Thanksgiving you are going to stuff yourself with turkey, mashed potatoes and yams and plenty of pumpkin pie. That’s fine but try to limit the leftovers you are going to eat the rest of the weekend to simple meals. The day before try to eat as healthy as you can and also go for a walk the morning of. The same thing applies to Christmas as you are trying to limit the damage to the day of.

Don’t beat yourself up if you go off your routine. Remember, the big mistake people make when it comes to eating healthy during the holiday season is that they enjoy their favorite foods but then let that pattern continue for the rest of the week, month and year. Your routine of eating healthy again shouldn’t start on New Year’s, it should start on December 26th. This is what it takes to get through the holiday season with a smaller waistline and more confidence in what you were able to do.