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10 Health Tips You Should Start Tomorrow

We are constantly finding ourselves searching for health tips that we can add to our routine. Tips that will help us to lose weight, stop smoking, feel more energetic or something else. We may even give a few of these a try because they seem simple enough and what ends up happening is that we quit before any results can be noticed. The desire to improve oneself cannot be ignored but we have to take a better approach to creating healthier habits.

Here are 10 health tips everyone can start trying tomorrow that will lead to a healthier life:

  1. Get plenty of sleep: This is the first thing people always argue about, but studies show if you get an average of 7 hours of sleep you tend to handle stress better and have more energy throughout the day.
  2. Portion control: You can eat during the day but try to break it up into smaller meals. You get a better deal on ordering a full sub than a half. That’s fine, but that doesn’t mean eat the full sub at once.
  3. Plan your meals: A great way to eat healthier is to plan your meals ahead of time, either by meal prepping or only buying what you need to cook certain things. This mentally prepares you for that meal and eliminates the wonder of what you are eating which often times leads to less healthy options.
  4. Have healthy snacks ready: Snacks are the killer of all plans because it’s easier to carry a candy bar or bag of chips with you than cut up celery and carrots. Try to have healthy snacks in your desk at work and around the house to help you avoid going for the other options.
  5. Exercise 30-60 minutes a day: Exercise is the action of moving your body. That does not mean running 15 miles or lifting heavy weights. Walking is a form of exercise and if you cannot manage 30 minutes of walking into your routine, you need to make some changes.
  6. Weekends are not for chores: One of the mistakes people make when they have to balance work and family is that they leave the weekends to clean the home, do laundry, go grocery shopping and everything else. Try to get these done during the week, even if you do not think you have enough time. You need to use your weekends to get outside and have some fun.
  7. Pick up a book: How many hours a day do you watch television? Try cutting it down by 30 minutes and use that time to read a book. Reading stimulates your brain and gives you a sense of accomplishment, something you do not get from watching television.
  8. Utilizing your lunch break: Do you use your lunch break to work? That’s not what it’s meant for. This period of time is where you need to run some of those errands you save for weekends, sit down and read or even take your walk for the day.
  9. Get off social media: Sometimes we forget that social media is actually not a good thing for mental health. Remember, during the day, while you are at work, you are looking at your friends posting pictures of foods they are eating, fun adventures they are taking or negative stuff about politics and other issues. Either you are depressed because everyone is having fun except you or you are depressed because of what’s going on in the world. Take a break from it.
  10. Change your route to and from work: Every day you battle traffic and it’s enough to make you crazy. Why not leave for work 10 minutes earlier so that you are less stressed about getting to work on time? You can even take another route that has lighter traffic because it’s slower travel time. Less traffic may equal less stress, especially if you are getting to work or home at the same time.

Everyone will have a reason why they cannot follow some of these tips. That’s fine but the more you try to incorporate into your life, the more you will start to see results and appreciate the adjustments you’ve made.