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Utilizing Technology For Your 2019 Healthcare

Healthcare will see a lot of changes in 2019 and not just with coverage and costs. Technology is starting to create major changes in the industry as people want faster and more affordable service. Waiting in a doctor’s office for an hour or two is becoming a thing of the past as patients demand convenience and speed. Here are some features which patients are expected to start taking advantage of in 2019:


You’ve probably already heard about telehealth and the advantages it can offer you. The idea is great, especially for people who need frequent monitoring and advisement. Rather than going to the doctors you can get on the phone or Skype a medical professional. You can check your vitals and get information from them based on your needs and if a prescription needs to be written, they can do it and send it to your pharmacy. This service is expected to take a major leap in 2019 as it provides around-the-clock service to patients in their very own homes.

Online Scheduling

It will now be easier to schedule appointments with doctor’s offices and medical facilities. Not only will you be able to schedule online, but you will also see options that allow you to find the nearest option that also has the earliest appointment opening. This will help you to get into the doctor’s office or get testing done faster.

Faster Health Insurance Shopping

If you are looking for health insurance, you will be able to compare dozens of plans from multiple providers while you are online. This is a feature that has already been around for years. However, rather than having to go to each individual provider, you can now compare multiple plans at once.

Affordable Care Options

Another feature that patients will be excited to utilize is that they will be able to find more affordable places to get faster care. For example, if you have a cold, you no longer have the schedule an appointment with your doctor. Many pharmacies now have their own clinic where you can go in, get checked out and get the medication you need. These options are also available if you need to do bloodwork, get an MRI or x-ray, rather than going to a hospital where things can get very expensive, you will now be able to get it done faster and for a lot less.

Utilizing these options will help you to save time and money when it comes to your healthcare in 2019.