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5 Tips For Medicare Open Enrollment

Open enrollment for Medicare this year runs from October 15th to December 7th. It’s an opportunity for those who are eligible to make changes to their coverage. However, without reliable information and an understanding of how these options work, you may miss out on an opportunity to improve your coverage and save money. These tips will help you to eliminate that concern and find the best possible options that fit your needs:

  1. Take a look at your costs from the previous year: The best way to improve on last years’ experience is to understand it. What did you pay in doctor’s visits, prescriptions, getting an x-ray or MRI? What are you paying on average each month for copays and other expenses. This information will give you a better understanding of what you need to work on in order to save or improve your coverage.
  2. Ask about additional coverage options: One of the mistakes that are often made during this time of year is that people always think that they have limited options. That’s not the case and there are literally dozens of plans you can choose from, as well as multiple providers who offer these supplemental options. It’s best to take some time and research each option to find the right ones for you.
  3. Learn about new features like telehealth: A lot has changed in the past year and the medical field is starting to really get exciting. A great example is the option of telehealth where you can consult with a doctor or medical professional via the phone or internet and get the information you need without having to wait for an appointment. As this option grows in popularity, people will be able to get affordable healthcare in a shorter period of time.
  4. Work with an agent: One of the best pieces of advice you can be offered in regards to Medicare open enrollment is to hire an agent. It does not cost you anything to work with an agent and they can provide you with multiple options in a shorter period of time. Even better, they can breakdown those options to show you what you can do, what you can save, and which plans are accepted by your doctors or medical facilities.
  5. Don’t be afraid to switch: If you are looking for ways to save or get better coverage you may have to be open to the idea of changing things around. For example, you might find a plan that fits your budget and gives you quality coverage, but it may require you to switch the pharmacy you go to or even your doctor. That’s a compromise that may need to be made in order to get better coverage, but an agent will work hard to find you a plan that you will be happy with.

This is an important time for people who are on Medicare and open enrollment needs to be given your attention. Working with an agent is the best and easiest way to ensure that you find a Medicare insurance plan that you will be happy with in 2019.