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Have A Medicare Question? It’s Free To Ask!

When people think about Medicare and health insurance, the first thing they think about is cost. What is it going to cost me in order to have quality coverage? It’s a fair question and one of dozens you probably have. That’s why it’s important to speak with a Medicare agent, someone who offers years of experience, guidance and an understanding of your needs and budget. When speaking with an agent, you will get the facts on several different areas and learn what your options are.

Updated Services

It’s not necessarily a change in policy you have to be aware of, it’s a change in technology or options. For example, telehealth is a fast-rising medical service which allows you to receive advisement via internet or phone. It’s a great service to have available but is it covered by your current plan? What about clinics within pharmacies? Rather than going to the doctor, you can schedule an appointment and meet with a healthcare professional, someone who can diagnose you for something like a cold, write you a prescription and order it so that you can pick it up right there, all within a matter of minutes. The shift in healthcare is focusing on accommodating the needs of the patient and you want to be aware of these options as well as whether or not your coverage allows the use of it.

Knowing Your Options

When it comes to Medicare plans, which one is right for you? What if you currently have insurance from your job or you want to make a change to what you have already? Are you allowed to make changes? Does your current doctor take this plan? What other plans are you eligible for and what coverage do they offer based on your needs? What does it all cost? There are so many questions that you need to ask, and you want to know all your options before signing up with one particular plan.

It’s Free

Don’t forget, our services and Medicare advisement are completely free. When you call a provider yourself, you are speaking with an agent of that company. There is no difference in what they can offer you or price. However, when you go through an agency, you are able to get pricing from dozens of providers, helping you find the plan that works best for you.