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Don’t Forget To Ask Your Pharmacist

As a patient, we have this mentality that the doctor knows best. Yes, in over 99% of the cases, the doctor should have the final say on what to do because they are trained, experienced and best prepared to make these decisions. However, that still doesn’t mean you should avoid other advice or seek out more information. A great example of this is when it comes to the medications you are taking or might want to take.

The doctor is going to recommend medications based on what they have experience working with, what their colleagues have told them and what they think will get the best results for their patients. However, that means they also have limited experience with other options, especially newer ones and that’s where asking a pharmacist may provide you with a better option, or at the very least, another option to consider.

Pharmacists have to focus on one thing, knowing everything about a medication they are offering to a patient. That’s why speaking directly with them about options is always a good idea because they will have a great understanding about different brands, variations of a medication and what you can do. For example, if you are taking a medication that helps you to treat anxiety, you may feel that it causes you to have stomach problems or headaches. You should call the pharmacist and talk to them about your symptoms and see if there is something else they would recommend you to take or even take it in a different way.

Believe it or not, there are several examples of medications that say on the box, that you should take it on an empty stomach.  Allergy medicine with a decongestant is an example of this. What may surprise you is that most pharmacists will say you should eat something before taking it because of the impact it will have on your system. This is why, when it comes to your medications, it never hurts to get another opinion, especially from the person you are buying them from.