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Telehealth’s Impact On Medicare

One of the most trending topics in the world of healthcare is telehealth. This option, which provides medical services to people usually via phone or internet, is popular for one simple reason, convenience. Rather than waiting days or weeks to meet with a healthcare professional, you can now usually meet with them on the same day you schedule your appointment. While there are limits to what can be diagnosed over the phone or internet, there are dozens of services that can be fulfilled with this option.

One example of how this service can benefit someone would be diabetes care. Rather than seeing the doctor or going to the clinic every week for a checkup, patients can call in and talk to a healthcare professional who can view important vitals like blood pressure, blood sugar levels and more. The advisor can then make recommendations based on this information and the patient can continue on with their schedule. This can be done at work, home or anywhere the patient has access to a computer and/or phone.

While convenience is a major advantage of this service, another advantage is the fact that people will become more proactive when it comes to getting annual physicals or regular checkups. Rather than having to drive across town, miss time from work and wait to see a doctor, they can now work things around their schedule, getting the assistance they need without interfering with their day to day lives. This option has already seen great strides in fields such as therapy as well.

Being able to call a licensed and certified therapist, whether to work on an issue or to assist with emotional problems is another major benefit to the program. While there are sure to be plenty of challenges that come to the service over the next several months and years, especially as new regulations come into play, there’s no denying that telehealth is here to stay and is an extremely popular service for patients who need frequent medical care.