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11 Ways Seniors Can Save On Prescription Drugs

Are you trying to save money on prescription drugs? Even with Medicare and other coverage, the cost of medications continue to go up. Prescription drugs cost more than ever but there are things you can do to cut the costs and still get what you need. In some cases, you simply do not have a choice, you have one pharmacy you can buy from and one option to take. However, even then you still have ways of reducing monthly costs and getting better deals.

  1. Get Checked Out: When was the last time you were examined for the thing you are taking meds for? See if your situation has improved or changed.
  2. Get Options: The meds you are taking now work great but chances are there are competitors out there that may be cheaper. Find out the top three choices and see which ones are best for you.
  3. Get Samples: Companies are practically begging you to try their product because if you like the results, you will be a long-time customer. Ask for samples from your doctor.
  4. Contact The Company Directly: You can even contact the company directly to get samples or coupons because they are trying to build brand loyalty.
  5. Generic Brand: There are so many generic option on the market now and it makes sense for you to check it out to see if they work. If they do then you can save hundreds of dollars a year. In some cases, the generic ones work better for the patient.
  6. Pharmacies Charge Differently: Your grocery store wants your business and they want you to shop with them for everything. Pharmacies are competing with each other for your business which is why it’s smart to shop around and see what they will charge you for the medication you are taking. Also look into rewards programs they offer.
  7. Talk To Your Doctor: It seems odd to try and save money by spending it but if you go to speak with your doctor or get an exam to see if you still need your prescription, it could save you money. Your doctor may know of a new option available or find that you don’t need it anymore.
  8. Extra Strength: If you are taking a certain dosage and it’s more than you need, you can always cut the pill in half. For example, if you need 400mg of a pain pill and it’s 800 mg, cut it in half and the bottle lasts twice as long.
  9. Try Other Options: If you have allergies, honey has been known to be a great natural remedy to help build up your immunity. Look for other alternatives that may work.
  10. Improve Your Diet: Are you eating healthy? If some of the medications you are on can be reduced or done away with by changing your diet then why not give it a try?
  11. Exercise: This is a great way of reducing stress, getting healthier and improving your quality of life. Walking 30-60 minutes a day and eating healthier may be just what you need to cut out some of those medications you’re on.

If you have any questions about cutting the cost of your prescription drugs or would like to learn more, feel free to contact an agent at Health Plan Markets today!