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Healthcare And Medicare Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton on February 5, 2016 said, “I won’t cut Social Security…I’ll defend it, and I’ll expand it.” Hillary is a huge advocate for healthcare. She wants to preserve, protect and strengthen Americans, especially seniors.

Social Security

Social security has helped millions of seniors for over 80 years. It has enable them to get the healthcare they needed after working so hard for the country.
The problem is that social security has come under attack recently. Seniors aren’t getting as much as they used to, and that has sent many seniors into poverty. This should not be happening, and Hillary wants to ensure it doesn’t continue.
Hillary wants to defend social security. She believes Republicans are making decisions that will make social security non-existent in the next few years. She wants to stop those decisions from being made, and put in programs that will support social security.
Hillary’s plan is to:

  • Privatize retirement security
  • Reduce annual cost-of-living adjustment
  • Oppose the raise in retirement age
  • Oppose middle class benefit cuts and tax increases

Hillary also wants to expand social security for those who need it – usually widowed women who are 65 or older.


Medicare is a serious consideration. It’s the bedrock of healthcare. American seniors and people with disabilities depend on it. Hillary has already reduced the impact of the prescription drug gap by reducing the prices seniors pay.
Hillary identifies the following when addressing the Medicare program:

  • Hillary wants to keep the Affordable Care Act.
  • She wants to stop the Republicans from phasing out Medicare.
  • She wants to further decrease drug costs by negotiating the prices from pharmaceuticals.

Medicare is something Hillary stands behind completely. She wants to continue what President Obama has done and improve upon it.

What Else You Need to Know

Many of the changes Hillary is seeking helps seniors and those who are disabled. While this may not mean much for younger people with few health concerns at the moment, it is something that people who are not elderly or disabled should think about because no one knows what will happen in the future. While your current employment-provided healthcare plan may be sufficient, if you were to become injured or lose that job, you may end up in a bad financial situation because healthcare costs are expensive.
When thinking about the candidates this election season, don’t only think about what you and your family need now. Think about what you may need in the future. Each of the candidates have posed some benefits to their healthcare plans, so your decision should be based off which one would be the best for your personal situation.
In addition, thinking of the welfare of Americans is consideration. The Baby Boomers are getting older and they will need a healthcare plan that is affordable. By considering their needs and yours, the best candidate can be elected into office that will lead us all into a future that will not only help the next generations, but the current ones who are and will be in retirement.