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Healthcare and Medicare Donald Trump

Despite Donald Trump being a Republican, he agrees with parts of ObamaCare. Understanding his take on healthcare in the United States can help everyone ease their mind if they’re worried what will happen to the state of Medicare if he were elected into office.
Trump agrees with the individual mandate of ObamaCare, except for the clause about pre-existing conditions. He wants everyone to be able to have insurance no matter if they have pre-existing conditions or not. Insurance companies aren’t too happy with that, as they will have to pay a lot of money for people who are already facing medical issues.
He also doesn’t agree with having states set their own guidelines. With people who have pre-existing conditions, some states are requiring them to pay more. Trump wants to stop that from happening. All states should have the same rules.
Trump wants to get rid of ObamaCare in its current state, and replace it with a brand new one that includes individual mandate and pre-existing conditions. This new plan will help people who don’t have money. All classes of people can have health insurance, even when they have pre-existing conditions. In addition, they will be able to have insurance for a low price. Trump says that Republicans don’t want people dying on the treat, and he wants to keep them from happening with concepts like Medicare.
Many people believe Trump wants to get rid of Medicare, but that is untrue. “Abolishing Medicare, I don’t you’ll get away with that one. It’s actually a program that’s worked. It’s a program that some people love, actually.”
What he would like to see is more of the health savings accounts (HSA). “I’m OK with the savings accounts. I think it’s a good idea. It’s a very down-the-middle idea. It works. It’s something that’s proven.”
Where people get confused is that Trump says that with HSA, people will likely not need Medicare. So, it’s not that there won’t be Medicare, but there won’t be as needed.
The Health Savings Account (HSA) is a tax-advantages medical savings account. People can contribute to it and draw money from it when they have medical expenses. These accounts can be used for medical, dental and vision experience. The only problem with them is when it comes to the elderly. Those with a limited income will not be able to contribute to a HSA, so they will have no use for it. What will they do? They would have to use Medicare, as long as it still exists.
It’s possible that Trump wants to set it up, so the future generations do not need Medicare. If the younger generations are able to put money into HSAs, they will not have to worry about Medicare. This is a plan that could work, the only problem is Medicare recipients or those that are about to enroll in it and have pre-existing conditions. In those cases, Trump will need to come up with guidelines on how they will get the care they need for money they can afford.