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Medicare Needs To Be Made A Bigger Topic During Presidential Election

As we watch the top Presidential Candidates; Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump essentially bark at each other each night on television we realize how many issues there are that need immediate attention. Terrorism, discrimination, employment, education, corruption and so much more are all at the top of the list this year as we head to November. However, what has happened to arguably the most important topic facing American’s every day? Healthcare, and more to the point Medicare need to become a bigger topic during the Presidential Campaign as it is one of the most important topics that impacts the lives of hundreds of millions of American citizens.
There are over 300 million people living in the United States. That’s far too many for healthcare to be ignored. While both Clinton and Trump have mentioned their plans for insurance, citizens on Medicare as well as those planning to join in less than ten years need to find answers now, not after January. Over 50 million people are on Medicare and this can no longer be a topic that is ignored at the podium while the candidates try to attack each other’s character and policies.
“This isn’t an issue about Democrats VS Republicans; it’s an issue about how people are going to pay for their health care. My customers ask me what to do, what do they expect to have happen and I hate not having the answers for them. You would think when over a sixth of the population is impacted by this topic; it would become a bigger issue. Let’s be honest this really affects everyone. If you have elderly parents or you are over the age of 55 this is something you should be focused on as well because it impacts your future. I understand the other issues we are faced with right now are serious and need to be addressed but we can’t forget about the one that impacts our lives the most. When so many people aren’t sure what they are going to do for health insurance in this country it really is sad and it needs to be addressed before the elections.” Justin Jacobs Principal Agent Health Plan Markets
As you sit down to watch the debates and your emails start blowing up, your phones begin to ring and there are knocks on your door by people wanting to know who you are voting for ask them one question; what is your candidate prepared to do about health care and especially Medicare? Maybe that will be enough to get it back to the top of the list of important issues Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton need to start answering rather than the same old stuff they’ve been talking about for the past six months.